Who am I really?

Step parenting 101

Who am I?

When I started this blog I called it Creative Clack because I wanted to write posts about creative solutions to problems as I’m quite a creative person. I still do want to write those kind of posts but I’m starting to realise there are other aspects of my life that I focus on more heavily at times than being creative.

Do I want my blog to really represent all of me or do I want to have several blogs that are aimed at niche audiences, is creative clack the right name for my blog? I have this same internal struggle with my life in general so I suppose it is only fitting that my blog should reflect this too.

At work I am constantly being creative, working in Marketing I spend my days designing emails or website banners, writing copy for our website or magazine articles and telling other people how best to portray the company we all work for. But how do I portray who I am? How do I figure out who I am? At home I am also creative coming up with clever storage solutions for the every day tat that enters our house or deciding on the decoration for a room I’m redoing, however at home I am much more about being the ‘stepmum’ than the ‘creative one’.

The parts of me that I’m going to be focusing on are:

  • plus size clothing for those of us who don’t want to look like we’re in the 1950s
  • step parenting
  • creative solutions for the home
  • party planning

My blog from now on will reflect all the parts of me and I hope that you enjoy all the insights into my brain living with my stepson and two big boys (grown ups)!


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