Chore Chart

At 8 years old Master Clack is starting to move into the world of wanting pocket money and wanting to do jobs to earn it, who am I to stop him! So I researched some chore charts on Pinterest and there are some great ideas such as magnet boards, marble systems and much more that just seemed a touch too complicated for what I was looking for.

I already had an A3 document holder stuck onto the fridge which I was displaying a calendar in, however, still noone apart from me was looking at the calendar so it wasn’t really working. I found a chore chart I was happy with, one with blank spaces for me to specify chores and I printed a blank, no date one out to use. Combined with some Spiderman artwork, it makes the perfect addition to the fridge.

Chore Chart

Chore Chart

Once inside the document holder, using a whiteboard, non-permanent pen I can tick once he’s completed the chore and write the current date at the top. I just had to pay him out after 5 weeks and he had earnt £27! He had decided to save up his money for a firestick so we kept a note of the weekly amounts until we knew he’d got enough. If he had completed every job he had the potential to earn £50 in the same amount of time, but I know from experience if I keep harping on about something and ramming it down his throat, he will rebel and do the opposite. #typicalman #startingmanhoodyoung

So I kept it light and casual with the ethos if you do the job, tick the box, you earn the money. Up to you how much you want to earn. He goes through spates of wanting to tick every box within a day and I’m happy enough that he’s learning about saving up his pocket money and the extra help is great!

Chore Chart Working

Work, work, work, work


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