My perfect planner

Perfect planner by creativeclack I’ve been trying to get the perfect planner for my needs for some time now. I started out with a bullet journal and although I’m a whizz on photoshop I can’t draw for toffee! I looked on instagram at all these amazing bullet journals and had serious bujo envy! I knew the only way I would achieve something that worked for me would be to create it myself.

All the planner printables I could find were for mums or bullet journal templates or ones for work. I needed a planner that I could use every day for work and to keep track of the tasks for my team and one I could keep track of my home tasks and goals too. I can’t be the only working mumma out there!

I tried the traditional bujo method of a notebook and quickly realised my longer term goals were going to outlive my current notebook. I needed a system I could move pages around when needed and add to it without having to keep rewriting longer term goal pages with each new notebook.

Pinterest research

I started by researching on Pinterest what I wanted from my planner and to see which free printables I could use, no point in reinventing the wheel unless necessary! I created a board with all my favourite planner pins on including the free printables in this post.

Perfect planner

I had an old A5 Filofax planner hidden away and started to use this as my planner. I love the Filofax because I can add pages, move pages and take out pages without affecting my long term goal pages like my #40for40 list and a gift list I keep for Christmas gift ideas when they pop into my head.  I keep my divider tabs and a yearly calendar with school holidays marked.

Yearly planner

Yearly calendar and sticky divider tabs

I like to keep my work and home calendars separate so I have two in my planner for each month, but I’ve kept them visually different. The calendars are both from another great blogger Oh So Lovely! They can be downloaded here, check out all her awesome designs!

I was then stuck because I had the ideal system but I couldn’t find a printable anywhere which would look professional in work and allow me to manage the team, but also allow me to do home tasks like meal plan, keep track of cleaning and make personal to do lists.


So my solution was to create a weekly calendar for home and work with a to do list for the team on one side and home life on the other. When the home life to do list is on the left I can also see my personal home notes for that week. When the planner is in ‘work’ mode on my desk in the office no one knows what’s on the other side for home. So far it’s working perfectly!


Personal planner

Work planner side with weekly calendar

Weekly planner

Secret personal planner pages

One of my long term sections is for parties, the next big party I’m focused on is a Motown themed party for my momma! There is an amazing blogger called Eliza Ellis who has absolutely tonnes of free printables on her blog. The below party plan pack can be downloaded here.

Party planner

Party planning section free printable from Eliza Ellis

Free printables

I created my own template in excel using page view so I could see how much of the page I was using for each section and to allow me to double side print. I have added the weekly spread and the To do list as free downloads for any other working mummas who want to try my system out. Let me know how you get on!


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