Ninja Turtles Party Ideas

Turtles party ideas

For Master Clack’s 5th birthday it was bitter sweet as we invited his entire class to his birthday party and only two kids turned up but luckily we had invited lots of family friends and their kids for just after his ‘friends party’ was due to finish so he still had lots of kids to play with that day, when people don’t RSVP it’s difficult to know how many to cater for.

We’re very lucky that Master Clack’s birthday is right at the end of August so we normally get great weather for his birthday and that year we again had a birthday at home with a bouncy castle #kidsobsessed. We didn’t even go with a turtles themed castle and as you can see they didn’t care!  I again used Google to search for a large wallpaper background image of the Turtles and used some Photoshop skills to create a personalised invite that I could just print out at home and created some turtles themed food labels.

Let's get Daddy!

Let’s get Daddy!

For food as it was a Ninja Turtles party we of course had….pizza! I incorporated it into an activity though by having a pizza making competition. I bought some mini bases and some different toppings put them all into bowls and let the kids create their own pizza masterpieces. Other food we had was:

  • Sewer lids (Oreos)
  • Lime jelly for Mutant Ooze
  • Turtally awesome Nachos with plenty of vibrant green guacamole
  • ‘Shredders’ Coleslaw
  • Splinter kebabs (chicken)
Having fun just playing with turtles

Having fun just playing with turtles

Turtles fancy dress was the theme and Master Clack made a very cute Leonardo. Pinterest is a great place to start with ways to be creative and cut costs. Kids are a lot less precious about the way something looks than us parents tend to be and as long as they have people to play with they’re normally happy!

For party bags, we had cake, mini haribo and turtles themed bits I’d found on party pieces and Amazon. I created a Pinterest board with ideas to get you started, have fun!


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