Lightening Mcqueen party

Lightening McQueen Party Ideas

Lightening McQueen Party Ideas

Master Clack was addicted, and I mean ADDICTED to Lightening McQueen and the Cars brand for a looonnnngggg time so his 3rd and 4th birthday parties where both Lightening McQueen themed. After scouring Pinterest for ideas I came up with some great, cheap ideas on how to create a Lightening McQueen themed party at home. I created a board with some of the ideas I found for you.

Birthday Boy on his big party day doing his best blue steel impression!

Birthday Boy on his big party day doing his best blue steel impression!

For the party invitation I typed into Google for a Cars wallpaper background and used Photoshop (you could use Word quite easily) to add text and a photo of Master Clack on the top to create his invite. I also used Word to create labels for the food and party games. I have done a free download of the templates here.

For the food I made it all racing car themed. Ideas like:

  • Stacked mini doughnuts with a racing flag stuck onto a cocktail stick a) keeps the doughnuts stacked up and b) look like a stack of tyres
  • Racing light jellies, I made Strawberry, Orange and Lime jelly let each layer set before adding the next layer of colour to make them look like striped jellies in the colour of traffic lights
  • Mini roll drivers – take a chocolate mini roll and some white icing. Put 4 splodges of icing onto the corners to look like wheels and use a bit in the middle to stick a Cadbury animal biscuit or now you can get Barney bear biscuits which would make all the drivers look the same. Stick the animal biscuit into the mini roll and use the icing to keep it there and voila it looks like it’s driving the mini roll
  • Traffic light crudities – use cucumber, orange and red peppers cut up and put into plastic cups for traffic light themed crudities
  • Pin wheel wraps – make wraps, roll them up and cut them into slices so they are ‘wheel shaped’
  • Nuts and bolts bowl -take peanuts and hula hoops mix into a bowl for your nuts and bolts party mix
  • Traffic light flapjacks – I bought a large tray flapjack cut it into small rectangles and used the white icing from the mini roll drivers to stick on jelly tots to make them look like traffic lights. You could use smarties (if you’re brave enough to risk the e numbers!)
  • I then bulked it out with things like bowls of nachos and dips and a Lightening McQueen birthday cake available in all large supermarkets
Some of the Cars themed party food

Some of the Cars themed party food

Again on Pinterest there are loads of great ideas for games, we had abundance of toy cars at the time and we had just bought Master Clack a little electric car for his birthday so we created a racetrack in the garden with little obstacles for the cars and had a bouncy castle and they just went wild in the garden for the day. I honestly think kids are more than happy with a bouncy castle and no they don’t care if it’s themed or not. Especially when they’re little don’t go crazy with planning games they’ll just be upset they have to come off the bouncy castle!

For the party bags I put in the obligatory slice of cake, a packet of mini haribo sweets and got some cars themed items from a website I always use for party bits Amazon also has some great party items in bulk or ebay, I decorated the room with balloons and a giant theme setter background graphic that stayed up on the wall for at least a year before I was allowed to take it down. I kept it afterwards as a plastic blanket for painting and messy play as it was easy to put in the bath and hose down, winner all round.

Spot the giant scene setter and the happy face!

Spot the giant scene setter and the happy face!

The above picture was the start of party day I think his little grin shows all the effort and planning is worth it!


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