Using Asana in everyday life

Asana is an online organisational tool that I have mentioned in a previous blog post. It can be an amazing tool for the busy mother/worker/mother of a large child (wife/girlfriend!) that just can’t seem to find enough hours in the day. I work full time, have a partner who works nights and am a full time stepmother to an 8 year old. If I didn’t find planning tools to help me keep on top of work to do lists, dentist appointments and all the wedding ideas currently floating around in my head I think I would just have to curl up in a dark corner and rock myself gently.

I discovered Asana through work when looking for a tool to help me manage not only my work load but also the workload of the two people I manage. I was delighted when I discovered not only could I access it online at work but it also has a private, personal section only you can see. There is also a mobile app so even when I’m not at work my phone will ping with reminders I’ve set in both my work and personal sections and I can update and access my task lists through the app.

The very best part is it’s free! This is not an affiliate post it’s just a great tool and a great way to keep all your thoughts in one place. Think of it as a combination of Google calendar, notes and evernote. The home screen looks like this:


Firstly you create a project then you can assign tasks and subtasks to this project. At work I can use it to assign different tasks and due dates to different people and it updates me when they are completed so I don’t have to constantly chase people for updates as long as they keep Asana updated.

In my personal life I also utilise the same structure of projects, tasks and subtasks but obviously they are all for me #deepjoy. An example would be to create a project called Medical Appointments, a task would be Dentist and a subtask would be book a new dentist appointment or to set a reminder of when the next appointment is.

Mr Clack and I are currently engaged and considering eloping versus a big family wedding as he’s not really a suit and speeches type man and I just can’t bear the idea of all the organisation, sign me up for a wedding for three on the beach (Master Clack included of course). I have projects set up of potential ideas floating around my idea, I can add into the notes section different websites I’ve seen and can build in costs by attaching brochures or downloads with prices on for each idea. If I see an idea in a magazine or while I’m out and about I can take a quick picture on my phone and add the photo to a task using my app so I don’t forget it.

I also use it for keeping my Master List of ideas to do in the house on with any measurements for things like windows as one task I’ve currently got is looking for a new window covering option for Master Clack’s bedroom as his current curtains are very thin and I’m not sure whether to go for a blind or a blackout curtain. So with those details in the app if I’m out and about and see a great deal on some Spiderman curtains or a blackout blind I can quickly check the window size on my app and see if they will fit.

Unfortunately at the moment you can only be in a ‘team ‘ with people who have the same URL email address as you as my Asana is linked to work it’s my work email address which means I can share tasks with people I work with but not Mr Clack it would be great if they could develop it so you could use it for personal use and choose who to add into your team regardless of their email address #hinthintAsana.

I hope that this information is helpful and please let me know if you found this helpful or use any other great tools through my twitter or comment below, always welcome to new ideas!