Printable Monthly Calendar Sheets

I use monthly calendar sheets printed off and attach them to my fridge so the men in the house know what’s going on.

I use Google Calendar for maintaining my calendar digitally as I can access it through my work Outlook Calendar, online and through an app on my iphone. The men in my life though have no concept of birthday or important event record keeping so I feed it to them in bite size chunks with a monthly calendar sheet stuck to the fridge where I know they will see it.

I have personalised monthly calendar sheet for my family but it is so simple to create one yourself even using Word. Grab a background you like and create a table that can be customised with the dates for each month when printed off. I transpose the important information for each month onto a fresh sheet at the start of the month and then use one of these magentic document holders to attach it to the fridge.

I use the other half of my calendar to add important notes or things I really need to get done that month. The space which is the size of an A4 sheet in my house is currently holding a picture of Deadpool drawn by Master Clack so it can also be used to store artwork of the month!

Go crazy and add whatever background you like and create your own or just use the free printable if you’re a fan of the humble chevron like myself!