Date Night Coupons Printable

As part of my #30presentsfor30 I have done a free date nights printable that I intend to print out, cut into individual coupons and after sticking to a piece of card to strengthen them attached them to a hinged ring and voila a cheap, home made, thoughtful present. Only 29 to go!

For the printable date night coupons, I tried to think of what my partner would enjoy and based them on that. I also did a cover coupon, a note coupon and a blank coupon so you could add your own coupon ideas.

I kept the design season neutral so could be given for birthdays, Christmas, Valentines…Wednesdays!

Hope you and your partner enjoy these cheeky little printables!





Halloween Party

Free Halloween PrintablesMy little man is 8 years old and wants to go out trick or treating, however I was NEVER allowed to go out trick or treating and I’m not sure I want him to go either. My Mum always used to say would you knock on a stranger’s door and ask for sweets any other time of the year?

Now I am responsible for my own little (step)person I see where she was coming from and the values she’s tried to instill in me. I would rather throw a halloween party for family and his little friends than have him trawling the streets begging strangers for sweets! I’ve been looking through my favourite ideas site Pinterest and created a Halloween party board. There are plenty of ideas on here for simple, DIY food and decoration ideas that would be easy to throw together.

There are plenty of free printables out there so to save you and me the legwork I’ve rounded up a few of my favourite free printables to get the party started.

Have fun and please feel free to share the photos of your spooky halloween party with me on instagram!

Christening Present Ideas

I was recently made a godmother for the 4th time, I now have one godson and three goddaughters ranging from the ages of 1 – 22!

I was struggling to think of a Christening present for my goddaughter Georgia last week before her Christening and after scouring Etsy for something that would be a keepsake but feel personalised and home made rather than a generic silver rattle from Mothercare.

I settled on making a name poster featuring her birth details which I made myself in Photoshop but this could also easily be done in Microsoft Word using text frames and adjusting the font, colour and size if you didn’t have Photoshop.

Home Made Gift

Home Made Christening Present

All I needed to purchase was a lovely oak frame to make my hand made gift feel more expensive and ‘wall worthy’ and I was done. I enjoyed the fact I had made a keepsake for her myself rather than buying a personalised one and decided to do a Pinterest board to show you some other home made ideas they include items such as:

  • personalised egg cup or christening details plate (all that’s needed is a blank canvas (egg cup or plate), set of sharpie pens and a hot oven to bake the ink on once you’re done!
  • personalised name posters
  • if you’re handy with a needle and thread the options are endless…blanket, stuffed toys, bunting, cushion etc;
  • a framed quote or image
  • Wish jar with all your hopes and dreams for them, could become almost a bucket list for them

Using sites such as or are great options if you’re either a) not that handy, b)don’t have time or c) want something with a more professional image. I love this personalised book idea.

30 presents for 30th birthday

30 presents for 30

My other half works very hard for his little family in a night job which he hates so for his 30th birthday I wanted to go big or go home! I’d seen 30 presents for 30 years on pinterest before and seen some other examples of the 30 presents other people had chosen.

I know he wants a watch  from WatchShop which seems like a suitably blingy 30th birthday present! But I wanted to get 29 either home made or low cost presents to do the #30presentsfor30years idea. His birthday is in January next year so I need to start pulling my finger out and get my act together really!

So far the ideas I have are:

Gift No. Gift Note
1 Starburst I’m bursting with happiness every day we’re together
2 Coffee Hope this perks up your day
3 Picture Book You’re picture perfect
4 Maryland Cookies you’re one smart cookie
5 Smarties You’re a real smartie
6 Chewing Gum We’re mint to be
7 Daim bar You’re Daim fine!
8 animal crackers our house might be a zoo, but i always have you
9 Gummi Bears life would be un”bear”able without you
10 mixed nuts i’m nuts about you
11 Date Night Coupons You’re my perfect date
12 Millions sweets You’re a million in one
13 4 pack of pot noodle I’m potty about you
14 fanta you’re fantastic
15 hair gel we gel together
16 King for the day hat You’re my king
17 Aftershave You always smell good
18 Bottle of Jaegermeister You’re the (jaeger) bomb
19 Scratch card I feel like I won the lottery with you
20 Co-ordinates poster I will go anywhere with you
21 New socks You’re my perfect pair(ing)
22 Zippo lighter You’ve got a special spark
23 Doritos and Dip I’m dippy for you
24 Refresher Bar You’re so refreshing
25 Mars Bar You’re out of this world
26 I love you 52 reasons There will never be enough ways to tell you I love you
27 Maoam You’re so sweet
28 Stella Artois I love you ‘beery’ much
29 Humbugs Cos you’re mint
30 WATCH  I wish I could stop time with you

It’s a work in progress but I like the idea of giving notes with the presents. We’re not all sweet and mushy most of the time so I thought I’d go for it while I had the chance!  I’ve pulled a pinterest board together showing ideas other people have come up with in case you feel like doing this and need some more inspiration!

I’ve created my own 1 love you cards and date night coupons and will be doing a post with free printables for these items shortly. Let me know if this inspires you to do #30presentsfor30 and what ideas you come up with!

We survived the first week back!

I’ve read a lot of blogs from Mums seeming to come across as perfect that all you need is a structured routine and everything will go absolutely smoothly. Well newsflash kids have a mind of their own and some weeks absolutely everything goes wrong!

Firstly this week started off not great when he told me at 7.30am just before leaving the house for his second day back he needed to take a toothbrush to school as they were teaching them how to brush their teeth, which leaves me feeling like the parent/teacher boundaries might be being blurred why am I doing an hours plus reading with an 8 year old every night let alone teaching him how to multiply and divide fractions in YEAR 3! While you’re teaching him how to brush his teeth? Surely this should be the other way round?

He also chooses this time to produce a letter he’s been secreting god only knows where up til this point which says he’s going on a school trip in two weeks and there’s a ‘voluntary’ payment required of £17. I don’t mind paying for trips to enhance his education but I object to these letters based on the fact it says ‘voluntary’ payments and then it is automatically added to the online school payment system and shows up as overdue followed up by phone calls chasing me for the ‘voluntary’ payment. Think we need to redefine the word voluntary.

I myself have even recently written a post with a free printable for helping with that back to school routine. I practice what I preach so I have that same printable stuck in Master Clack’s bedroom and on the fridge in the kitchen, did it work this morning? No!

Firstly he got dressed and the socks he found weren’t the ‘right’ kind of socks. Apparently to an 8 year old there are difficult socks to put on and easy socks to put on. I’m guessing the easy socks are mine as they seem to disappear into a black hole and it’s me going about my day in Ninja Turtles socks, the ideal accessory for a working 35 year old woman!

15 reminders later he gets round to brushing his teeth and downstairs notices the TV is on and goes into a trance while holding his lunchbox in his hand which yes I did prep the night before. All he had to do was take it out of the fridge and put it in the bag, simple right? Holding the lunchbox in hand in the living room he needed several reminders he might need the school bag which is in the kitchen to put the lunchbox in. Then we had a struggle to find the school shoes RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIS FACE and needed several more reminders to actually put them on!

We seem to have struggled this week despite the best of intentions but he has still come home every day glowing saying his teacher is saying she’s proud of his attitude and hard work (miracles do happen!) the mornings are hard as you’re rushing around trying to get the kids to school on time before going and doing a full 8 hours at your paid for job because yes, snotty mothers at the school run, I unashamedly work for a living, shock horror! But the afternoons soothe away my morning worries with his beaming face because his teacher has said she’s proud of him. I tell him that all the time and I never get that face in response!

Here’s to next week…… may have won the battle Master Clack you will not win the war!