Utensil Drawer Madness!

Utensil Drawer Dividers

Yes I am ashamed to say the image above was my utensil drawer which used to drive me mad everything I opened the drawer! I mean what is a dishwasher cutlery basket divider doing in this drawer! #ilivewiththreemen

One day I couldn’t take it anymore and decided to utilise an idea I’d read about somewhere in blog land in the past and create my own dividers.

Firstly I removed everything from the drawer and kon-maried it so I was only putting back what I wanted to keep. Then I cleaned the drawer out and I had a fresh palate to start with. I grabbed a cardboard box I had lying around and cut it up into strips to create dividers as high as the drawer and laid them out until I was satisfied with the layout. IMG_1066

I used shorter pieces in the front of the cutlery tray to keep the cutlery tray from sliding about and create two smaller sections. I then chose to create diagonal dividers as a lot of our items are quite long and I wanted some smaller sections as well for smaller items.

I then removed the strips and covered them in some wrapping paper I had to add some interest to the drawer.


I then used sellotape to hold the pieces in place.

And voila! Tidy drawers with lovely home made dividers that didn’t cost me a penny as I used bits I had around the house, bargain! PS apologies for the darkness in the pictures sun had gone down by the time I had gone m



Back to school tips and free printable

Back to school routine

Can we just take a moment to marvel at the cuteness from his first ever day of school, I can assure that level of cuteness has gone, albeit replaced by a different level of cuteness that involves discreet cuddles at breakfast club and making sure I don’t walk out without a kiss. #toocoolformummykissesnow

Anyway back to the post! You can be guaranteed that any day in the school holidays Master Clack (age 7) gets up at 6.30am absolutely no problem, bright as a button.  However when school starts and the mornings start getting darker it’s more difficult to get him up and ready for school on time without repeating instructions 15 times.

I’ve read a few great articles on preparing for back to school recently as I prepare for Master Clack to go into Year 4 and have found Honey We’re Home’s ideas of a printable for him to refer to and the idea of alarms on his phone to be the most useful. Her article is full of great ideas that I intend to implement.

A little bit of preparation from me the night before in terms of laying out a bowl for breakfast, putting the right kit in his bag and prepacking his school lunch and leaving it in the fridge for him to get rather than scrambling around in the morning buttering sandwiches could make our back to school routine a lot easier.

The idea is we set alarms on his phone with titles like ‘time to get up’ , ‘time to come downstairs’ and ‘time to leave’ on his phone should ensure we’re out the door by the required 7.30am each morning as we intend to walk to school in the coming school year.

I’ve done one printable to stick in his room for his Get up for school routine such as get dressed and make bed (as well as a 7 year old makes a bed!) and an I got ready on time one for downstairs to stick to the fridge with items on such as put on shoes, eat breakfast, get lunchbox and get school bag.  Hopefully these should prompt what’s next on his list without me having to remind him over and over.

Now I’ve got a printable for his room and one to put on the fridge to help him with his routine in the morning I’ve just got to do the other million things on my list before he starts including:

  • Check his PE kit and school trainers still fit (if not go and buy new)
  • Check his school shoes still fit (if not go and buy new)
  • Label his school uniform
  • Put his lunchbox in the washing machine for a thorough deep clean (put it inside out on a cool wash and it comes out sparkling)
  • Check if it’s still cool to have a Ninja Turtles school bag if not check what’s cool today and hunt down a new bag
  • Buy at least three new school jumpers (already bought all new trousers and t-shirts)

Right I’d better get on with it! Good luck with establishing your back to school routines and I hope the printables help.

Review of Exante

Exante VLCD ReviewAs previously disclosed I may be carrying more weight than the average momma bear! In fact according to my BMI calculations I am nearly 11 stone overweight, which to be honest feels like too big of a number to achieve so I’ve decided to concentrate on the smaller goals rather than the bigger one.

I had read about Exante and I was intrigued by the number of milkshake flavours available and also the fact that it’s not JUST milkshakes, yes you can eat actual food! Well Exante food, but the point is not just milkshakes.

Groupon regularly do great deals for Exante and you can pick up a months worth of milkshakes (3 a day) for £39.99 which is an absolute steal compared to the regular price on the Exante website.

You can have milkshakes, bars or ‘meals’. I say ‘meals’ as they also come in powdered form in a sachet.  You can even have pancakes, pizza and scrambled eggs. With three products a day on Total Solution you consume 600 calories a day. A helpful aid is to buy ketosis sticks from Amazon or somewhere like Boots, peeing on these in the morning will tell you if you’re in ketosis which is the goal as that’s when you’re not hungry so the meagre portions won’t bother you anymore.

I’ve been on the diet since the end of June and have had plenty of cheat meals and even had 6 weeks off where I nursed my partner after a hernia operation and it was too hard to do it while he was around eating tasty things all the time! In total I have lost 4lb off 2 stone.

The first week you tend to have a big drop then it tailors off into more reasonable losses each week, every 4 weeks you have a ‘food’ week where you have your three products and add an additional 200 calories a day.  Some people take this increase in milk which I intend to do on my next food week as it threw me off the wagon having some normal food again.

In my 6 weeks off I was still careful about my fat and carb intake and managed to remain the same weight for the 6 weeks which was a blessing as it could have all gone back on and it showed me when I’m down to my desired goal I should be able to maintain (fingers crossed!)

I’ve taken some pictures of the food so you can see the befores and afters for the some of the meals and also the bars.  I’ve found the bars extremely difficult to eat they have an extremely thick texture or the texture is like rice krispies but they all have the same funny taste, soya like would be the only way I can describe it.

I definitely intend to stay on the diet and shift more weight, I’ve found it easy to stick to and once you’re in ketosis you’re not hungry although preparation is the key to making sure you’re not tempted, I’ve even sat in a Pizza Hut drinking one of my shakes rather than pizza as I took one of my sachets with me.

If you decide to go ahead with Exante there’s a really supportive facebook group which I’d recommend joining and GOOD LUCK!

Exante Shakes

Exante Shakes

Double Chocolate Bar

Double Chocolate Bar

Exante Shepherds Pie Before

Exante Shepherds Pie Before

Exante Shepherds Pie After

Exante Shepherds Pie After


Exante Spaghetti Bolognese

Exante Spaghetti Bolognese

Exante Spaghetti Bolognese After

Exante Spaghetti Bolognese After




Kon Mari – let’s do this!

Kon Mari

Checklist for kon mari

My name’s Claire and I live in a clutter filled pit! There, I admitted it, I need help!

I live with my partner Mr Clack, Master Clack and Mr Clack’s brother so there’s 3 men and a little (5’2″) in my house which doesn’t make keeping control over the clutter very easy in my humble abode.

I live in a 3 bedroom semi with very little built-in storage so our clutter is either on show or in one of the storage pieces we own, most likely unorganised. I have been reading about the Kon Mari revolution for months now and have been part of a Kon Mari facebook group feeling envious about the before and after pictures some people have achieved. I envy their minimalism and clutter free havens, so I have had a kick up the bum this weekend and started my journey to clutter free heaven, dragging the boys along for the ride!

Without reading the book after following the facebook group for some time I understand the basics of Kon Mari are:

  • Only keep what sparks joy
  • Get all of the item you are ‘kon-mari-ing’ together in one pile no matter where it previously lived in the house so you can do it all in one go
  • Don’t buy new storage items until you’re done in case you can reuse what you have (if it sparks joy)
  • Thank everything for it’s service before binning, recycling, selling or donating

Between the full time job, Master Clack and cleaning up (constantly) after three boys I don’t have a lot of time in one go to dedicate to this and don’t want to leave it all up to the weekends as that’s my play time with Master Clack.

So, I’ve decided what will work best for me is to concentrate on it for at least ten minutes a day and do it by the area with the largest amount of that item in to start rather than foraging through the house for each piece. The idea hopefully will be as I’m allocating homes for the things I do want to keep as I’m going through the other areas I will be able to reallocate if necessary the items that belong together. I do believe in having stations for certain things rather than them all being together in one spot i.e. I have a first aid box upstairs and a small one downstairs.

The other benefit to this is when it comes to bringing everything down out of the loft and dealing with that it can all be done in one go rather than foraging up there each time I’m doing an item in case there’s some up there.

I started this weekend with Master Clack’s bedroom while he was at his bio mum’s house for a few hours Mr Clack and I rearranged the furniture in his bedroom and used it as a chance to go through his clothes and check all his DVDs were in the right cases and bin broken bits and bobs, scratched DVDs with no home etc;  Once I’d got the urge to purge I carried on and reorganised the one piece of storage in our living room – the sideboard.

I’ve created this Kon Mari Checklist for you with a notes section and a series of columns for rooms in case you want to do it like me by room and item rather than item in it’s entirety no matter where it lives.

My twitter name is @creativeclack and my instagram is creativeclack I’ll be uploading pictures of the progress I make and I’d love to see yours!  Good luck to any of my fellow clutterific dwellers, I’ll see you on the other side of the checklist!



What’s on your list?


Ok truth time, as much as I would like to say I’m 21, I’m actually 35.  Thanks to the extra weight I haul round with me, I don’t actually look 35 and most people say I look younger than my 29 year old Mr Clack. The year I turned 30 was a big year for a lot of reasons for me personally one of which being my father got diagnosed with terminal brain cancer a week and a bit after my 30th birthday and the second biggest reason is it was the year I started going out with Mr Clack!

As I (rapidly) approach the big 4-0 I want to do the #40before40 challenge as I feel my 30s flashing by in a string of half terms and work deadlines.  As I’m officially half way through the 30s and have 5 years left to complete this type of challenge I thought I’d share with you all my #40before40 list and I would love to hear yours.

I start this challenge with this phrase in the back of my mind – Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the floor in the morning the devil says ‘Oh crap, she’s up!’ 🙂

Wish me luck!

Creativeclack’s #40before40

  1. Get to a size 14
  2. Run 5k
  3. Buy a bicycle (and actually use it!)
  4. Pay off debt completely
  5. Buy a house
  6. Have £10,000 in savings
  7. Get married abroad
  8. Visit Majorca again (Master Clack’s favourite holiday destination so far)
  9. Fly premium economy if not upper class!
  10. Remodel bathroom
  11. Konmari the house
  12. Build a command centre
  13. Sort Master Clack’s room out
  14. Extend the garage to create a utility
  15. Get a pay rise!
  16. Develop the blog more and post more frequently
  17. Start freelancing
  18. Get a job title with Manager in it
  19. Have a big 40th/10th anniversary party
  20. Work through a cookbook (Julia & Julie style)
  21. Swim with dolphins
  22. Take a cocktail making lesson
  23. Buy a new car
  24. Take Master Clack to a Disney park
  25. Have a weekend away with no Master Clack
  26. Go to Mexico
  27. Party until sunrise
  28. Go to Ibiza
  29. Spend Christmas on holiday
  30. Climb the Wrekin
  31. Jump off a high diving board
  32. Sleep in a treehouse
  33. Eat in a Michelin starred restaurant
  34. Play tennis
  35. Do a pub crawl
  36. Make a piece of furniture
  37. Bake bread from scratch
  38. Spend a birthday abroad
  39. Hold a posh dinner party
  40. Learn a new hobby


Midway through summer!

schools out ideasI can’t believe we’re half way through the summer holidays and my little man will nearly be starting year 4! That enthusiasm we all start the summer holidays with has probably started to wear off now and we are probably all starting to rely on the ‘digital babysitter’ a bit more than we would like ideally.

One reason for this maybe the purse string have had to start to tighten as we approach the midway point between pay days or the purse may have been tight to start with! I thought I’d remind you of some great, free ways we can entertain the kiddos in the remainder of summer 2016.

      1. Make a blanket fort outside, take colouring books, colours, reading books, drinks and some cozy blankets and pillows.  You could either turn a trampoline into a blanket fort (frame already provided!) or get a washing line or some string and tie it across two fence posts creating your tee-pee roof line to hang the blankets off.
      2. Have a massive water balloon fight either up the park with whichever kids happen to be up there or organise one for all the kids on your street
      3. Drag all the bikes, ridealong toys, big trucks or cars outside and open a toy car wash station. They will love playing around in the water and you will get them to clean their toys too!
      4. Pack a picnic and drive to your nearest beach.  Our nearest beach is Rhyl and while it may not be the most cosmopolitan place around it has a water park area that you can stay in all day or pop in and out of with a wristband on for £2. Plus you get to use the toilets for free and the other public toilets in Rhyl are 20p each. There are plenty of central car parks in Rhyl, in fact there’s one next to the Drift Park so get pack a picnic, get there early and explore your local beach.

        Rhyl Drift Park

        Rhyl Drift Park

      5. Sleep under the stars in a dry paddling pool lined with loads of duvets and blankets. Make smores and late night snacks. If you have a chimnea or a firepit for a bit of open roasting of smores then even better!
      6. Take a picnic and a football up the park.  See how long you can stretch out the day up your local park, maybe start a football game with any of the kids up the park or arrange a playdate for your kids and their friends.
      7. If the weather turns on you and you are stuck inside, it’s always worth checking Groupon for deals in your local area.  We regularly get discounted deals for Waterworld in Stoke-on-Trent off there and local play barns.
      8. Have a movie day, pick a theme – superheroes, princess, comedy, marvel, action… have a whole day immersed in your film genre of choice.  Popcorn, snack boxes and hotdogs add to the theme of the day.  Grab your duvets and pillows, pop your PJs on and get comfy on the floor for a truly relaxed event!
      9. Have a cooking day.  There are plenty of recipes aimed at kids. Start with cupcakes, jelly shots with hidden jelly worms, scones or flapjacks to let the kids get their hands messy in the kitchen and enjoy the results of their hard work.
      10. Go chasing Pokemon! The Pokemon phenomenon is a great way to get out and about in your local area and get fit at the same time.  Run around hatching eggs, catching pokemons and getting your poke-balls and before you know it you will have spent a day exercising the kids without them realising!
      11. Fill up the paddling pool with some bubble bath and you will be amazed how long the kids will spend in their outdoors bubble bath, entertaining and cleans them at the same time! Fill it with their favourite toys and they will soon be splashing about in the bubbles.

I’ve pinned some ideas onto a pinterest board if you’re looking for more suggestions. Whatever you choose to do with the kids I hope you enjoy the rest of your summer!