My Favourite Bloggers

Part of the reason why I started writing this blog is the joy I was getting from reading other people’s blogs.  I signed up to Bloglovin’ and now have a whole stream of lovely blogs for all different topics from being thrifty and budget conscious, plus size fashion (yes I am a curvy momma, embrace it, love it!), organisation tips from how to organise my little monkey’s toys to how to get him out the door on time in the morning.

These blogs are not limited to the UK just as having trouble with cutlery drawers and getting kids to school isn’t a UK specific problem!  Let me introduce you to my favourite online friends (that don’t even know I exist!)


I Heart Organizing is run by Jen who just comes across as the most adorable little organizing fairy ever.  Has some great tips on organizing the home and the kids items.


Hi Sugarplum! is run by Cassie, I love her writing style and she has a great design eye.  Also posts lots of content about fashion and accessories and travel tips and tricks.



Reading plus size fashion blogs by US bloggers is all very well and good, but I can’t buy the clothes if I see something I like.  From the Corners of the Curve is a great UK plus size fashion blog with fashion I can actually go out and buy.  Love the sass and confidence of this girl and wish I could be more like her!

from the corners

Fromalditoharrods is run by Emma and was actually a recent discovery of mine after reading about her on the Daily Mail.  This woman is living the dream, making a full time living from helping people save money, make money and blogging.  Plus she’s a fellow Disney lover too!  Great website packed with hints and tips on how to make and save money.



Using a website like Bloglovin’ is a great way to get all your favourite blogs in one place, the app on my iphone keeps me regularly updated and notifies me when a new post is available.  You can also search under terms and get suggestions based on topics you like and it recommends other blogs based on the ones you currently follow.





Technology that can help a momma out!

I use a lot of the latest technology at work as part of my job and am always looking for ways to integrate my personal life into it so I’m not having to run two ships at the same time.

I have one spreadsheet at work that is also linked to my Google Drive account so I can access it on my phone if needed or my ipad at home that has our monthly budget, meal planner, to do lists for home, upcoming birthdays, holidays etc;

This one Excel spreadsheet has my life on it basically!  I even have a list of food we usually have for Christmas dinner so come this Christmas I won’t have to think about the shopping list I just print that worksheet off and pop off to the shops, I can check off anything I happen to already have at home before heading to the shops. I’ve done a template with a budget calculator for you to download here, exactly the same as my spreadsheet but with all my information deleted! Download the Budget Template here.

I also utilise Google Calendar which is also integrated to my Outlook account at work so even while I’m at work I can see personal appointments, school holiday dates etc; that I upload into my Google personal calendar plus I can access it from my iphone.

It’s really quick and easy to add new dates, reminders even repeated events.



I regularly upload my photos from my iphone to iCloud and Google Drive so I can ensure they’re kept safe up in the ‘cloud’ rather than on an external hard drive.  As someone who has lost all the pictures of my late father on an external hard drive that just decided to stop working one day, I have no trust in that kind of technology anymore.

Another tool I regularly use at work and have integrated it into my personal life is an organisation tool called Asana.Asana is the URL for this amazing tool.  I have one section for work and another for personal notes but I have in the past utilised it solely for personal use.  You just create an account using your email address and you can create projects (in the blue bar) tasks in the central pane and then subtasks with more detail on.

Both tasks and subtasks can have Due Dates, be ticked off when they’re completed (which makes unicorns shoot across the screen, I kid you not!) You can attach files to tasks, print it as a To Do list so you can tick it off on paper if you’re that way inclined.  It also has a handy calendar and when your tasks have due dates on them they will appear on that date in the calendar.

I find it incredibly helpful to gather all my thoughts into one place that only I can see and it has an app too, so it will send reminders to your phone and you can access your task list and edit it from the app.

Paper Vs the ‘Cloud’

From a paper point of view (slightly off the technology topic) I rely on my Organised Mum Diary  this diary has space for meal planning, pull out shopping lists, monthly calendars, budget spreadsheets. Sometimes I find I work first in the diary then back it up online or vice versa but I do find it helps to have it in both places due to the size of the diary maybe one day I’ll go completely ‘online’ but for now I find my scribbles in the diary useful.

They have a family life book where there are sections for different members of the family or a life book which is laid out as if it was for one person but I prefer the bigger day spaces so I use the Life Book to manage all of our schedules.

I’m not in any way affiliated or get any kind of payment for recommending the diary.  I just use it myself and find it incredibly useful. Rather than show you the inside of my own messy diary, giving you an indication of the inner workings of my own brain! Below are a few pictures of the inside of the Life Book taken from the Organised Mum website:

Hopefully some of these hints and tips have helped, alternatively I find just taking the time to sometimes sit with a piece of paper and a pen can help clear your thoughts and get it all out onto paper to share the load with other people – hello chore and reward list!



Ideas for an epic 8 year olds birthday party!

I have a very excited Master Clack at home at the moment, he is turning 8 in August and to him that’s like tomorrow (no sense of time at all).

He has been absolutely obsessed with superheros for about two years now and the attraction doesn’t seem to be waning so any party ideas should include superheros at some point!  Spiderman preferably!


Master Clack in action! He dresses like this most days.

SO far the ideas I’ve come up with and the associated costs are:

  • Swimming party – £9 per child, minimum of 15 kids
  • Bowling party – £12.50 per child
  • Superhero sleepover – free!

I think I’m leaning towards the superhero sleepover because Master Clack’s birthday is right at the end of August and he won’t have been at school with his friends for practically the full 6 weeks holiday so I’m hesitant to do a party based on minimum numbers as for his 5th birthday we invited the whole class before breaking up for summer and two kids turned up!

He’s never actually gone bowling before but to be honest with my thrifty hat on I think £12.50 for a basket meal and ten minutes of bowling per child is extortionate.

With the superhero sleepover even if he just has a couple of friends turn up that would be plenty of screaming 8 year old boys in the house and they could watch movies, play Xbox on the ‘big tv’ and generally eat rubbish before being collected the next day.

Still pondering but that’s the current thoughts. I’ve got some pinned images on a board on my pinterest to show you where my creative mind is taking me at the minute:

Slow Cooker Gorgeousness

Me and my partner are literally like ships that pass in the late afternoon (as opposed to night) I work full time days and he works full time nights.

Ideal for childcare arrangements not so ideal for getting to sit together and have family meals during the week.  He’s normally asleep when I get in trying to catch another couple of hours after the school run so it’s normally just myself and Master Clack while he grabs something to eat quickly before he runs out of the door at 8pm for work.

At the weekend I took a joint of gammon out of the freezer to do a sunday roast but the weather gods smiled down on us and we ended up having the first BBQ of the year instead.  So Monday morning before work I popped my gammon joint into the slow cooker with just a tin of pineapple rings and their juice, no browning, no faffing, literally plonked it in there.

Put it on slow and returned home after work to a delicious smell wafting through the front door.  A Monday night roast dinner before Mr Clack ran out the door was indeed possible and extremely tasty.

Normally when I buy a gammon joint I end up slicing it into thick slices however after slow cooking the gammon was quite literally falling apart into delicious shards of gammon.

Consider me a) a slow cooker gammon convert and b) queen of the monday night roast dinners after this !

If anyone has any other no browning, dump it in and forget about it slow cooker recipes please point me in the right direction