First blog post….EEEEK!

Hi! Nice to meet you my name is Claire, nickname Clack.  I am a very creative person who works in Marketing full time as my career and I like to bring creative solutions home to address my obstacles in my home life too; whether that’s throwing a fabulous birthday party for my little monkey of a stepson or trying to get on board with the next life changing solution (any Konverts out there, holla!) I will tackle it and document it on here one step at a time.

I share my heart, home and life with my man (Mr Clack) who provides the balance and patience I need a lot of the time with a million ideas running through my head at all times.  Although DIY illiterate for the most part his support means everything to me.  He comes as a package deal with mini Clack, a 7 year old who thinks he’s 17 but still loves nothing more than chilling with Mum on the sofa or wearing his Spiderman costume!

I have so many interests and I hope this will become a home for all my thoughts and help me to organise them into a slightly less chaotic pile.  From utilising technology to streamline and organise home life, to slow cooker (or crock pot if you’re from the USA) recipes that can be bubbling away while you’re at work to tips on dealing with stroppy 7 years olds who think they can conquer the world (but really just want to cuddle on the sofa with Mum), hopefully it will all find a place here and hopefully you will enjoy reading it.